Sunday, May 25, 2014

Impromptu Visit to the Venice Canals (In Los Angeles, That Is)

Today my daughter had her friend Lauren visiting from Washington, DC, so I picked up the girls and Natalie asked if we could visit the Venice Canals.  I was delighted by that request!  This has been one of my favorite spots for many years, and even though I was only toting my iPhone camera, I couldn't resist taking pictures.  I am ever inspired by this lovely place.
By way of a brief history, the canals were man made in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney, to mimic the canals of Venice, Italy.  Although initially popular, the public lost interest with the dawn of the automobile, and many of the canals were filled in by 1929.  They fell into disrepair by the 1940's,  and remained that way until they were refilled and renovated in 1993.  Today it is a real joy to walk the sidewalks of this tiny gem of a neighborhood and take in the charming, artistic homes and beautiful flowers, amidst a peaceful water setting.
Even though there wasn't much sun today, the gorgeous colors of the various gardens lit up my day, ranging from deep blue to brilliant purple to vibrant orange.

I loved this whimsical pink flamingo fence surrounding the front of one of the properties.
Many homes had the soothing sounds of water features, and I thought this one was very clever.
And, speaking of water, how about this home with its very own lap pool!  Awesome!
There were many different types of outdoor sitting areas, where the residents could relax with a glass of wine or cup of tea and a good book, with the view of the canals in their front yard.

The canals are a great place to get outdoor decorating ideas, 
discover new flowers, 
take in some charming architecture,
and enjoy the peaceful feeling of being next to the water.  And you'll probably spot some ducks, too!  

And when you finish your stroll, you can head on over to Abbot Kinney Blvd., for some fun shopping and a little treat.  We stopped at "Lemonade", for some custom, ice cold lemonade, and a colorful and delicious macaroon.
A completely fun and enjoyable afternoon.  Hope yours was great, too!  Next time you are looking for an interesting "something to do", try taking in the canals.

And now, it's time to say Buenas Noches!
xoxo Linda

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  1. Lovely day, lovely pics... and there are those lovely macaroons! Thanks for sharing -