Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ode to Some Brilliant Women - Getting Inspired

I am on the verge of a change in my life.  We are moving to a new area here in our beloved Los Angeles County, where we will have roomier digs, and I will be able to both set up a larger working space for my bead work, and put up my easel again to get back to work painting.  I have been itching to paint!  When I woke up this morning I asked myself, "And just what is it that you are itching to SAY with your paint??"  Ah... therein lies the eternal question.  If you read my Facebook feed from a few weeks back, you will see that I address this question a bit in my five day Artist's Challenge.  The only thing I know is that there is SOMETHING in there that needs to come out!  SOON!  Tired of WAITING!
"Waiting" by Linda Queally c2008
So what do I do to get inspired?  I find myself looking at work that inspires me.  And that brings me to this post, where I want to share some brilliant women that I follow, but do not know personally, who are modern day creators in a variety of media.  These are nationally acclaimed women, who show their work at the finest galleries, arts and crafts shows, are featured in private collections, and sometimes museums.  I like each one for a different reason.  They inspire me to find my niche and take it to the next level, and hope to one day own a piece of each of their works.  Let me introduce their work to you!
"Om" by Kina Crow.  Here she gives an example of what goes on in her head when she tries to meditate!
First off, there's Pittsburgh artist Kina Crow, who does hand-built ceramic sculptures that are so witty and charming that you can't help but fall in love with her work.  Many have captions below them that are sure to make you smile every time you see them.  Kina takes the things that we all think, and brings them to life in her work.  Truly, I think she is absolutely genius.  She does a circuit of the finest Arts and Crafts Fairs throughout the summer, and you can click her name under the photo above to visit her website to find out how to see her work in person.  So what do I get from Kina's sculptures?  Playfulness and Humor!
Julie Powell, who creates beautiful bead work, including the source of her inspiration.
I am also in love with the work of Boulder, Colorado jewelry artist Julie Powell.  She is masterful with color, as well as bead embroidery, and is always generous to offer us a sample of the piece that provides the colorful inspiration for her latest creation.  She works with her own hand made beaded beads and woven flowers, glass beads, and semi-precious stones, both new and vintage.  Julie also shows her work at the finest Arts and Crafts fairs in the country, and is featured in museums.  click the link above, under the photo, to see her work and where you can find her.  And what do I get most from Julie's jewelry?  Color!
"After Lent Sister Linda Prayed Long and Loud". Acrylic on canvas 24x48, Christina Forster-Ramos
Next on my list, with masterful execution and a wicked sense of humor, is figurative artist Christina Forster-Ramos.  I actually had the good fortune to meet this amazing lady a few weeks ago, when she came to our Angeles Crest Art Guild meeting to give a demonstration on Golden Acrylics.  It was my first introduction to her work, and I am hooked.  She does portraits in acrylic, many finished in a smooth, glossy finish, and her work is stunning.  When I grow up, I want to be just like her!!  Acrylic is definitely my medium of choice as well, and I hope to take some workshops with Christina in the near future.  So what do I get from Christina's work?  Humor and Risk-Taking!
"Girl with a Pineapple Earring" 20 x 24" watercolor on clayboard (modern fresco) by Ali Cavanaugh
Poetic and soulful, another of my very favorite contemporary women painters is Ali Cavanaugh.  I discovered her work around 2008, when I followed her on the Daily Painters after seeing an ad in American Art Collector magazine.  I have loved her work ever since.  She is represented by one of my favorite galleries, Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, among others.  She is very prolific, and her portraits are most often on a simple background with a thought-provoking title.  She is based in St. Louis, Missouri.  What do I get most from Ali's paintings?  Soulfulness, thoughtfulness, simplicity.

So these are some of the places I go for inspiration, following fabulous women artists that are creative, prolific, and successful.  If these artists are new to you, I am so happy to introduce you to their work, and I hope you enjoyed it.  And where do you go for your inspiration?

Wishing you a fabulous day!


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