Friday, July 1, 2016

Sunday Market Day in L'isle Sur La Sorge

Sunday, June 26th was an exciting day for our "Workshops in France" group because we got to visit the charming village of L'isle Sur La Sorge.  Sunday is Market Day there, and it hosts the largest and most well known Antique Market in Provence.  It is the second largest Antique Market in France, second only to Clingancourt in Paris, and the third largest in Europe, after London.  This charming village sits on the Sorgue River,
where families of ducks swim through the town,
as well as swans,
and you can see moss covered waterwheels, all like something out of a Fairytale.
People come out in droves, on foot, by car, by bicycle,
and by motorcycle.  For sure these two must have arrived on their His 'n Hers Vespas.  I love that he is carrying her pink helmet.
This particular village is packed with about 350 dealers and decorators in the ten Antique Villages there.
I only saw two cows in the South of France.  This is one of them.
There are charming Cafes, 
and delectable Boulangeries.  This sweet treat is comprised of  "Meringue, Framboise, Pistache":
There are a host of vendors who come out on Sundays for their famous Market, selling everything from produce...
to olives...
to soaps...
to crafted items...
to clothing...

to textiles and threads...

to vintage hardware,
to Antiques and Collectibles.  And of course, this is my favorite part.  When I was a little girl, I visited many garage sales, antique shops and auctions with my Mom and my Grandma.  Those experiences have stuck with me for a lifetime, and it's one of my greatest pleasures.

There was a ride for the kiddies...
and some vintage beads for a new piece when I get home.
Of course Brenda never misses an opportunity to do one of her wonderful pen and ink sketches with watercolor.  Here she is waiting to get picked up.
Here's Nathalie and Mary Jo.
Back at the Chateau that evening, dinner was topped off with an amazing dessert called "Paris Brest",
followed by a chance for the workshop participants to show and talk about the body of work that they had created during their stay.
It was a day that fed our spirit!


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