Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Art and Culture of Cordoba, Veracruz

Our next stop on the way back to Mexico City was Cordoba, Veracruz, and although I have seen people selling many things in my four months of traveling in Mexico, this was my first encounter with a roadside parrot salesman.
We slowed down to take a picture, and he was happy to put the birds in the car for me so I could have a closer look.  We explained that they were adorable but not the kind of thing that you really can take home over the border!
We arrived in Cordoba late in the day on Sunday.  Since it was close to dark, we chose our hotel first, the Hotel Palacio in the historic district.  I loved the look of this hotel, reminiscent of an antique hotel in Miami.
Our room was delightful, with furniture from the 1950's and cool aquamarine tile floors.
Since we are in Veracruz, you can rest assured that you will find a delicious "Lechero".  We had ours at "El Borrego", an antique cafeteria just a couple of blocks from the hotel.
Walking along the zocalo at night, we had the good fortune to happen upon some dancers performing "son jarocho".
I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful chemistry between dancers Fabian Morales and Nancy Martinez,
 including this dance where Nancy balances a candle on her head.
They were delightful to watch, and nice enough to spend some time chatting and posing for a photo after their performance.  Thanks Fabian and Nancy!
Continuing our walk along the zocala, we enjoyed the music of this marimba player,
and admired the beautiful cakes at this Pasteleria.
The zocala was bursting with color even at night, thanks to these balloons.

The next morning we were able to view an art exhibit at the Casa de la Cultura, entitled "Musicos y Chamanes" by maestro painter Armando Gomez de Alba.  His masterful use of color and bold brushstrokes hypnotized me!  Here are a few examples of the paintings in the exhibit, that the director of the Casa was so kind to let me photograph,
along with a detail of the brushwork.
I was equally enchanted with the way he handled the subject matter of Mexico in his paintings, and he really inspired me to do some painting of my own when I get back home.

In early afternoon we bid farewell to this beautiful town, and were on the road again, making our way towards Mexico City, with our next stop to be Tehuacan, in the state of Puebla.  Stay tuned for our next adventure!!

xoxo Linda

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