Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ode to the Previa, and Off to Colorado and Beyond

It's 9:15 am on Wednesday, and we are in a casino hotel in Jean, Nevada.  We arrived here last night at 1:20 am, after a busy day and late departure on our newest road trip.  I had nostalgically hoped to spend the night at Buffalo Bill's in Primm, where I once rode
the gigantic roller coaster that gave me a neck ache for two days, and had won $500 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine as we were leaving (I rarely gamble).  But I mistakenly routed us off the freeway in Primm, and then right back on, wistfully watching Buffalo Bill's disappear in the background.  So here we are in Jean, the next exit, eleven miles down the road.  But it's comfortable and clean, not to mention $40 a night.  And I foresee a glorious breakfast in my near future, as our new adventure begins unfolding.  Life is good.

One of the noteworthy things we did yesterday before leaving was bid a fond farewell to Eduardo's beloved 1991 Toyota Previa, the magical car that carried us safely and happily for four months in Mexico.  She suffered what turned out to be a fatal engine problem three weeks ago on the 101 freeway.  Upon being towed to my faithful mechanic Dr. Bob, we were informed that the engine had frozen.  After much deliberation, we released the Previa to the Universe yesterday, selling her for parts.  We pray that a similar loyal and faithful servant will come our way after we return to Los Angeles in October!

So that's the news for now.  No photos as I am writing this on my iPhone this morning and can't figure out how to upload on this little machine.  Photos to follow!  We are excited to be heading to Denver for the country's second largest gem, fossil and mineral show, where we will buy, sell and trade stones and handmade jewelry, including a great new selection of brass casted pendants lovingly made by Eduardo.  It all begins Saturday.  We will hit Las Vegas and then some gorgeous Utah scenery along the way, so stay tuned.  We wish you a glorious day as well.

Love, Linda


  1. $40 for a hotel...that's incredible!! Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful time!!

  2. Congrats for winning $500 in the Wheel of Fortune! It's safe to say that you were lucky that night, that's why you won. Not everyone wins on their first try. Was it your first try to gamble? Hope that your neck ache didn't last that long, and that you were able to enjoy well your adventure.