Thursday, September 18, 2014

You Meet the Nicest People and See the Most Amazing Views in Colorado

Following our afternoon of wildlife spotting in Rocky Mountain National Park, we headed south on Highway 34 to the 40 west, about an 85 mile drive, and decided to call it a night in Kremmling, Colorado.  Kremmling is known for its trophy fishing, winter sports, and hunting.  There we had the good fortune to be directed to the historic Hotel Eastin.
Owners Walt and Maryann spent forty years looking for the right project before settling in to the Hotel Eastin three years ago.  Since then they have taken on the enormous project of restoration, and have been lovingly working on the hotel, one room at a time.
Their love shows.  In the lobby Maryann displays her grandmother's wedding dress, and in the upstairs foyer she displays her own.  Friday night is home made cookie night, Saturday is music night.  All at nearly half of what you would pay at the more modern, commercial hotel down the road.  What I loved was that everything smelled so good there, from the lobby down to the sheets!  We had a great time chatting with Maryann over coffee in the morning, and she recommended we take Trough Road to continue our journey south.
Taking the 9 South out of town, we made a right onto Trough Road, a dirt road that led us on a twenty five mile trip through some back country.
The road was remote, with nary another car in sight.  Just the way we liked it.
There were views of the Colorado River and the railroad tracks, and our favorite view spot along the way was Rancho Del Rio.
I think the people who run this tiny resort on the river have found their own slice of heaven.  So peaceful, it was just plain pretty no matter which way you looked.  I loved the name of their little restaurant.
Crossing the bridge just south afforded more Colorado magnificence.
and I think these fishermen also found their own little slice of heaven.  The vivid colors of the changing Aspens made for a picture perfect backdrop.
Continuing south, we reached the State Bridge, and then needed to take 131 South to get back to Highway 70.  We made a temporary boo boo and took the 131 North, which turned out to be fortuitous because we discovered the tiny town of McCoy, home to someone who really loves with work with antlers!
We soon discovered our mistake and turned around, heading back down the 131 South, which took us to the 70 West around Glenwood Canyon.  What a total joy to revisit that spectacular stretch of road, which I still believe is one of the most beautiful I have seen on all my travels so far.  Period.  Since I've posted some pics of this area before, and because all my photos at that moment were through my dirty, bug encrusted windshield, you will have to just trust me on this, and put this stretch of road on your MUST DO list.  We took the 70 West to just before Grand Junction, where we got on another scenic, winding road, the 65 South, for the drive past Powderhorn Ski Area and over the mountain through the Grand Mesa National Forest.  I had my first sheep spotting,
and finally had the chance to get an up close and personal look at the Aspens, which up until now we had been seeing from below.  Their colors took my breath away.
Coming down the mountain on the other side after a long day of driving, we ended our day at a slightly less charming hotel, the Rodeway Inn in Delta.  I was a little skeptical because the room was only $50.00 plus tax, but we are all about economy so I asked to see the room before we decided.  Again the most amazing little surprise!  A stove!
We always carry a bag with a couple of pots, a few dishes and utensils, and a bit of food, so we were able to cook ourselves dinner and relax after a long day in the car, at a very affordable price.

There is so much to discover in Colorado, and it is becoming more and more clear why all the people we meet are so happy there!  Next I will share the last leg of our drive through Colorado, as we head for Gallup, New Mexico.

Sending you Colorado Love!


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  1. Oh man, one day I have to eat at Cheese Louise!!! I put it on my bucket list!!! (the name Louise has a special meaning to me and cheese....well...I love it!!) :D