Friday, September 12, 2014

Randomly Snowing in Denver

It's about 4:30 am, and it is randomly snowing in Denver.
This is noteworthy for Eduardo and I, because in Los Angeles you do not experience this type of thing.  Ever.  We also found this exceptionally interesting because the weather has otherwise been hot and mostly sunny since we arrived here last Friday.  We're talking shorts, tee shirts, and melting if you stand in the sun!

This is our second year selling at the Annual Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Gem Show at the Denver Coliseum, which runs from September 6th to September 14th.  You may remember my post last year, "Drenched in Denver", and you can look that up to read about last year's experience!  It is always a challenge selling outside, but we really love the outdoors and prefer it to being in a convention hall.  This year, the show started out beautifully with bright, sunny skies.
We are occupying space with our Mexican Fire Agate friends from Aguascalientes, Mexico, with a table for my necklaces, prints and Mexico photography,
and a table for Eduardo with his pendants, rings, cultural items,
along with some of our stones, including this Copal Amber from Columbia, ammonite from San Luis Potosi, and quartz crystals from Arkansas.
We have had four successful days of selling so far, and have met wonderful people from all over the country (as buyers), and the world (as sellers).  I just love this business.  And since the last two days have been bad weather, we have used the time to do some buying of our own.  Here I am looking for pearls, and as you can see, one could easily drown in a sea of beads.  Booth after booth after booth.  Show after show after show.  You need to have a plan and focus like a laser!
We also got to visit our friends selling gorgeous Mexican Amber from Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico.  You can look back in my blog posts to April or May of 2013 to read about our own adventures in Simojovel, the land of Amber, including my panic attack upon entering the mine!
It is always a great joy to discover artists we hadn't seen before, and this time it was the work and vision of Lee Downey, and his company "Artifactual", with a home base of Bali, Indonesia.  Lee designs beautiful handmade custom jewelry in silver with semi-precious stones like turquoise, and unique sculptural carvings, all with an emphasis on skulls and skeletons.
It was a pleasure to meet Lee and an honor to show you an example of his work.  You can visit his website at

As Friday promises to be cold, drizzly (or snowy) and gray, we plan to spend one more day exploring the shows in Denver and picking up some materials, and then will finish with Saturday and Sunday selling at the coliseum.  If you live in this area, please come and see us!  We are in the parking lot behind the coliseum, and you can't miss our green and white umbrella, which will hopefully be shading us from a once again bright and sunny day!

xoxo Linda

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  1. Wow what a mixed bag of weather!! Hope you have a gorgeous and successful weekend!!!