Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cooling our heels in San Quintin

Today was a day devoted to rest, last minute details on the car, and eating!  We paid our mechanic here one last visit to check spark plugs and change the oil.  Yesterday I mentioned how much I enjoyed his "low tech" approach.  Here's a picture of his tool table:

and here's Eduardo helping him get the car ready for tomorrow's departure:

After we finished with the car, we headed over to one of the roadside stands here that sell amazing seafood.  The specialty of this area is Almejas (clams), and they cook up a wicked soup that is just delicious.  This is the only area in Baja where you can enjoy Almejas.

The cerviche is also fabulous:

Later this evening, we ate dinner at "Hot Dogs California", a very popular spot here, especially on a Saturday night.  Although I am not a big fan of hot dogs, I make an exception here, because the hot dogs are delicious, served with beans, chili, onions, ketchup and mustard.  And don't forget a Mexican Coca-Cola!

Here's the boys posing for me!

Tomorrow morning we are planning an early departure for the Bahia de Los Angeles, which crosses Baja to the Sea of Cortez, a five or six hour drive.  Very excited for tomorrow's adventure!  Thanks for following, and hope you are all doing well.....

Buenas noches,

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