Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Friday morning, and we spent Thanksgiving Day in Ensenada.  The first thing I got to do was talk with Tommy, where it was already evening in France.  Then we started off the day having breakfast at the Ensenada Cafe, with a vegetable and cheese omelet, french toast, and coffee.  The antique style cafe seemed to be a place where local musicians stored their instruments, and I counted 8 basses leaned against the walls, as well as my favorite, the accordion.

After breakfast, we spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing the car for the trip south.  While Eduardo organized, I got the chance to talk with Natalie and enjoy watching her eat her pumpkin pie!  I have to admit I sure missed Thanksgiving Dinner with my kids this year, but thanks to Face Time, we still felt close together.

Eduardo and I ate dinner at El Corralito's, which serves my favorite Enchilda Suizas in Ensenada.  Not your typical Thanksgiving fare, but delicious!!  We stopped at Soriano's, the local supermarket, on the way home, where it's beginning to look and smell like Christmas here.  By the way, that price is in pesos, not dollars!

I enjoyed the little Mexican ornaments we saw in the windows on the way back to the hotel.

All in all, a beautiful Thanksgiving day in Ensenada!

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