Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Ensenada

After quitting my full time Title Insurance job so I can work in the arts, giving up our apartment, packing our things in storage, selling or giving away what wouldn't fit, and finishing all outstanding work on Eduardo's part, we have crossed the border for a two month trek across Mexico.  The seed of this idea was planted over a year ago, and I am so happy and proud to say it is now reality!

Yesterday afternoon was spent still in the US in San Ysidro, taking care of the details for the car, like new tires, Mexican auto insurance, and procuring parts required for a tune up, to be done here in Ensenada.  We finally crossed the border around 6:00 PM into Tijuana. 

Have any of you ever DRIVEN in Tijuana?  I find it the most confusing city ever!  We had hoped to register the car at the border, but we were told we had to go to Otay, near the Tijuana airport, to do the paperwork, about 12 miles away.  Trying to follow the road signs is impossible, and the traffic hair-raising.  In stopped traffic, the guy in the car in front of us, who had Mexican plates on his car got out and came back to ask us if we were IN MEXICO!  Even the Mexicans can't figure out the area near the border!!  That made me laugh so hard.

In our quest to find Otay, asking everyone and their mother along the way, a nice man led us over half-way there in his car!  Our first Angel.  When we finally found the government offices, a group of three trailers at the end of an obscure street near the airport, we moved back and forth between the three of them signing this, copying that, then paying for this, signing for that, you get the idea.  Again I laughed so hard!  But in the end, success!  6 month permission for us and the car.

After all of that it's about 8:30 PM, and we needed to find Hwy 1 to Ensenada.  That's where our second Angel came in.  A nice man leaving the government office led us on a road that cut all the way across Tijuana to connect with Hwy 1.  Thanks and gratitude to our Angels last night!!

And that brings us to this morning, from our "Hotel Las Vegas" in Ensenada, at $25.00 a night, where I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I don't know if we will find any Turkey here in Ensenada, but we shall see as the day unfolds.  Enjoy your day with good friends, family, and delicious food, and please remember all there is to be grateful for in this wonderful life.   And to my family, I love and miss you today!  Eat some cranberrries for me....

Love, Linda

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