Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Mexico City!  This week, Semana Santa, I've had the opportunity to go to the movies and see a Mexican film in Spanish, have dinner with various friends and family, visit an outstanding antique Mexican silver jewelry exhibit in the centro historico district (very inspiring), and visit a multitude of mercados to collect many items for our work.  Today was no exception!  First we visited the food section of a a local market to pick up some fresh cheese and hand made tortillas.  The market was alive with color, with lots of fresh veggies,
various types of salsa,
and pastas.
Outside, there was a market selling "chacharas", and it is here that I am really in my element doing one of the things I love most.  Among other things, I picked up a fabulous original Haitian painting, which I am posing with next to a live rooster.  Although chickens and roosters are abundant here in Mexico, this is the first one I've seen in the middle of Mexico City. 
After visiting many markets these past couple of weeks, I have learned a lot about treasure hunting in the city.  The prices vary greatly from market to market, and you need to be a good soldier looking for the best deals!  Today was my last chance to pick up items here, as we will be leaving mid-week to begin our travels to the south.  Very exciting!

As always, I hope this finds you happy and well, and I wish you all a Happy and Blessed Easter.

Love, Linda

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