Friday, March 22, 2013

How Old Is That Bus Driver?

It's day number two in Mexico City, and today our little six year old niece could invite her family to observe and participate in her gym class, so we started the day by visiting her at school.  Here's Eduardo trying out his PE skills on the playground.
After her class, Eduardo and I headed back downtown to look for more treasures.  The first step to getting there entails taking a bus.  I was just fascinated by our capri and baseball cap sporting, Sprite drinking bus driver with the leg tattoo, who was constantly fidgeting with his iPod.  Is he old enough to drive?
I'm really not sure, but he did deliver us safely from point A to point B, where we climbed aboard the Metro for the second step to get us downtown.  The market we visited today represented artisans from many regions of Mexico, so it was a good way to get acquainted with the different types of crafts we will see as we travel.   We were doing our homework!   Here's a woman wearing native dress from an area of Oaxaca, which is one of the states we are getting ready to visit.
In the evening we met up with a special friend who lives in the Roma area of Mexico City, which is a relaxed neighborhood with many Art Deco style buildings, coffee shops, restaurants and galleries.  It reminded me a lot of being in New York City.  Even though it's a Thursday night, the area was alive with people, and the highlight of our evening was happening upon an art opening for a photographer named Gigi Mizrahi.  As is so often the case in Mexico, there is a magical surprise around every corner.
This was a high profile opening, and most people were dressed for the occasion.   There were reporters there, and waiters were serving complimentary wine, champagne, and hors d'oeuvres, including little canapes with caviar.  Oh my!  Not to mention lovely trays of desserts like tiny chocolate cakes.  The art work was abstract outdoor photography, and the work was quite beautiful.
After coffee and Mezcal with our friends, we took a taxi back home.  Again for some reason I am riveted by the transportation details in this city.  This time I noticed that our taxi driver had 290,795 miles on his car.  Impressive!

Mexico City has many different areas to explore, and I look forward to seeing what we will discover tomorrow.  Sweet dreams to all.  Buenas noches.

xoxo Linda