Sunday, March 24, 2013

San Angel, La Lagunilla and My Sparkly Flip Flops

First of all, I must say that I experienced supreme happiness this weekend when our little niece brought me a gift, namely my sparkly flip flops.  Seems I left them here in Mexico City in January (I thought they were lost).  They have been my trusty friend through the states of Baja Norte, Baja Sur, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero, Morelos, and Puebla.  And for those of you who follow my blog, you may remember that they were also instrumental in the Puffer Fish rescue back in Punta Perula.  It's so good to be re-united!
Sporting my sparkly flip flops, we climbed aboard the metro bus on Saturday to visit San Angel with Eduardo's sister.   Thanks to Semana Santa, the bus was a lot less crowded.  Here's a fashion statement I captured on the ride.
San Angel is an upscale neighborhood featuring fine art and live music in the park, nice restaurants, and an indoor mercado.  Here I was especially taken with the beautiful textiles.  I loved this evening dress from Oaxaca.  Good for my next art opening?
And this intricate textile work in white was really beautiful, too.
I also coveted this colorful wool rug from Oaxaca in a major way.  All I could think of was how perfectly it would go with my blue sofa and my red chair.  Good thing they're in storage at the moment.
When visiting Mexico City, you discover Frida is everywhere here.  Even on the bus.
Lastly, I picked up some nice beaded bracelets in San Angel for our business, which I look forward to sharing when we get home!

Later that evening we took a ride back to the Roma area to have coffee and anise liquor with a very special friend, Magdalena. 
Magda is an artist, a teacher of metal sculpture at the university, and an avid traveler.  She is also a collector of handmade clothes from the various regions of Mexico, and I was very lucky to have her show me some of her beautiful pieces.  She is a treasure.  It was a beautiful close to a happy and productive Saturday.

Today Eduardo and I visited a totally different type of market.  This time we ventured to a more difficult part of town, which is home every Sunday to La Lagunilla, a world renowned antique market.  I love this type of market, where you can find everything from stuffed leopards (yes, it's real),
to antique religious statues,
to original handmade prehispanic style art.  This particular vendor specializes only in work from Guerrero state.
Eduardo and I picked up some interesting stones for our work, and a couple of great wooden masks.  We also had the opportunity to see Eduardo's friend from Taxco, Ariel, who comes down to this market every weekend to sell his artistic custom made leather cuffs.  Here's a picture of Eduardo with Ariel.
We finished the day with a family dinner of Pozole at a local restaurant.  I had Pozole Verde con Pollo (green pozole with chicken) and it was delicious.   A very nice finish to a fun and productive weekend.

Hope this finds you happy and well on this Sunday evening.  Sweet dreams to all and Buenas Noches.

xoxo Linda


  1. So happy u are staying in touch. Higs to u and Eduardo! Love, Karla

  2. thanks - I feel like I'm on a trip through Mexico... FUN!

  3. Great post Linda,Thanks. I have a question about the pre-hispanic art vendor you mentioned in your post. I am a collector of prehispanic effigies and have visited Mexico several times in the past, but never been to La Lagunilla. I'd like to arrange a trip to Mexico city mainly to visit this market. I was just wondering if I would be able to easily find the prehispanic vendors or if there are many of them selling in the market. I just want to make sure that my trip is not going to be fruitless considering that this will be the main reason I am planning this trip. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.