Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coffee and Cascades in Teocelo, Veracruz

We just spent the last three nights in the small, picturesque town of Teocelo, Veracruz, in a spotless hotel with a jungle view, for $200 pesos per night (about $16.50 per night).  We didn't want to leave!  The two things that the area surrounding Tecocelo is most known for is coffee growing, and a beautiful waterfall.  We experienced both in one day by taking about an hour's walk to the neighboring area of Santa Rosa.  The climate is more humid now, as we are getting closer to the sea, and the landscape is more tropical.  A flower called florifundia was abundant along the road, featuring large bells in yellow or white.
We discovered later that day that this particular flower becomes very fragrant at dusk.  I also noticed this pink flower, but wasn't able to learn the name.  Anyone seen this one before?
How about this one?
Banana trees are very abundant here,
as well as coffee.  Here's what the coffee beans look like growing on the tree.
Entering the town of Santa Rosa, we noticed a coffee farm (called Finca), and stopped by to see if we could get a little tour. 
 The owner was happy to show us the equipment used to process the beans,
taking the beans through the various steps to remove the skins,
and then laying them out in the sun to dry.
After visiting the Finca, we continued our walk to the cascade, or waterfall, with the first stop being a restaurant situated high above it, offering a gorgeous panoramic view.
We've been told that this particular spot has been used to film several American movies, including "Romancing the Stone".  We started the walk down the path to the waterfall, which took about 20 minutes. 
The pink and purple jungle flowers growing high up in the trees were a burst of color in a sea of green.
The sound of the rushing water was powerful and soothing.
We crossed a long footbridge to get to the best view spot,
and from this new bridge you could see the remains of the old bridge.  Down below you can see a swimming pool that was created at the bottom.
Notice how the plants attach themselves to everything here, including steel cables.
When we reached the look-out point for the waterfall, the views and the sounds were dramatic,
and we were treated to a second, smaller waterfall on the way back.
We purchased some organic coffee from one of the local vendors, selling his goods out of a wheel barrow near the bridge,
and then made the hike back up the hill as the sun was beginning to set.
Another great day enjoying the many natural wonders of Mexico!

It's Tuesday, and we are heading further south into Veracruz today, making our way to the state of Chiapas.  I'm looking forward to a fun day, and I wish you all a wonderful day as well.

xoxo Linda


  1. wow...that seemed like the perfect day!!!

  2. Your first photograph _ Florifundia or Barrachero Tree ---seen in the US gardens too and popular in Centro and South America.

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2143584/Scopolamine-Powerful-drug-growing-forests-Colombia-ELIMINATES-free-will.html --