Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Trip to Venasque and Modeling for Our Art Group

Friday morning we headed out to explore some smaller villages that are off the beaten path.  When driving in Provence, there are several things that you notice.  One is the huge number of bicyclists you see on the streets here.  They are everywhere!
Another thing is that the roads are very narrow.  Almost always.  Our first stop was La Roque Sur Pernes, which was no exception.  We decided to keep moving, but did spot this really interesting old wash area on the way out of town, where the women of the village once did their laundry.
We headed for our next stop of Le Beaucet, but had to stop at a spontaneous lavender sighting!  This field was full and lush.  We can already see the difference in the lavender since we got here.  A week of hot weather has really increased the blooming.
After everyone got their fill of lavender pictures, we continued on towards Le Beaucet, and could see it off in the distance.
Still not quite satisfied with the winding narrow roads at the top of the hill, we decided to keep it moving and finally ended up in the most glorious village, Venasque.  It was there that we settled in to sketch, paint, photograph and explore.

The first thing that caught my attention was the mailman.  The streets are so narrow that he backed up the street to deliver the mail, then drove back down when he finished.  Good backing skills required for his job!
The town has a charming square with a fountain, surrounded by cafes and shops.  There were cyclists in the town, and this one had the most interesting nickname.  Sexy Lexy.
This brings me to another thing I noticed in the villages.  I am shooting way more vertical shots than horizontal.  Usually it's the other way around for me.  Anyway, the further I walked into the little village, the more interesting it got.  I spotted another great fountain,
and a beautiful old church that I needed to explore.
Here are a few of the elements in the church.
It seems I get moved to tears every time I enter one of these old churches.  I sit down, have myself a little cry, and then photograph like a mad woman!  LOL.  Crazy artist.

Of course there was a spectacular view of the countryside from the village.
We ate our lunches in the village, and then returned to the chateau, where I posed for a portrait session.  This was my first time posing for a group.  The put a mark on the wall so I had a place to fix my gaze,
and I did a series of twenty minute poses.  Thanks to Belinda DelPesco for the great photo of me modeling, with Julie Snyder's work in progress in the foreground.  I think I look a little too serious here, but it was my first time, after all.  Would love to do it again.

This is Brenda's interpretation of me.  Love it and love the title.
Ended the day with another great home cooked dinner, and a nice Chardonnay and Voignier blend.  Then off to bed to write my blog!!
Bonne Nuit and Sweet Dreams, all.  Thanks for following.

Love, Linda

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