Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lavender and the Charming Village of Bonnieux

Tuesday was a full day for us, with our first chance to paint the lavender in Bonnieux.  Arriving at a lavender field, especially for the first time, literally takes your breath away.   The color, the scent, and the hum of the bees is intoxicating, so the first thing we all need to do with Workshops in France is  TAKE A PICTURE!

And poof!  Here I am in the lavender.
Next, we all spread out and find a spot to capture its beauty in our own way.  Here, among others, are  Brenda...
Mary Jo...

 And me!
 It's a very moving experience to realize you are in FRANCE making art!  And you never know who will be passing through while you are painting, to add to the aesthetics.  Wink wink.
Wrapping up the morning, we are all satisfied with a job well done, and head off into the village of Bonnieux to have some lunch.  And perhaps a beer, if you are me.  At the cafe, here's Brenda, Kathy, Your's Truly, Nathalie, MaryJo, Angel, Laura, Julie Aleex, and Bobbie, and thanks to Belinda for taking the pic.
We had a few hours to wander the town and meander through the winding streets of Antique Shops up to the top of the hill.

This ivy covered cottage reminded me of something straight out of Harry Potter.
Here's some more eye candy for the ladies to add to the aethestics.
And although the Antique Shops were closed in the early afternoon, it was still a lovely walk up a narrow street.

Antiques line the streets, even with the shops closed for lunch.
And there is beauty everywhere.  From the flowers...
to the curtains.
We headed out of Bonnieux and through the village of Gordes to the Abbey of Sennanque, which is a 12th Century Cistercian Monastery that sits in a valley surrounded by lavender fields.
Then home to a catered dinner of Quiche, potatoes, ratatouille and fresh fruit.  Fabulous!
It was a full day, and we all slept like babies.  Hope your day was beautiful too.  Thanks for following!