Thursday, June 16, 2016

Random Tips on Flying to France

This past Tuesday I embarked on a three week trip to France.  Here's some random thoughts and observations on my flight with Air France from Los Angeles to Marseille.
Tip#1.  Put a reminder on your phone.  When it pops up, it will make you smile from ear to ear.
Tip #2:  If you plan to carry all of your bags on board, make sure they don't exceed the carry-on bag weight limit.  Otherwise you will spend one unexpected hour of your precious life waiting in line to check your bag.   Guess how I know this.

Tip #3:  Once on board, take advantage of the free champagne.  This will help you forget about the precious hour of your life that you lost while waiting in line to unexpectedly check your bag.

Tip #4:  Watch as many movies as possible.  You have about ten hours.  I watched four.  My favorite was a documentary about the House of Christian Dior called "Dior and I".   Fabulous behind the scenes glimpse!  In between movies, watch the map to see how many hours you have left to get there, and take naps, trying not to lean on your neighbor.  Rejoice when you have reached Paris.
Tip #5:  When connecting in Paris, give yourself enough time.  You will have to go through security again, even if you are using the same airline.  Expect to devote another hour of your life to this task.

When you get through security, note that you will again wait in line to meet the "Stamp Passport" guy.  After he stamps you, thank him for the pretty stamp and be sure to exit next to him, not next to any other "Stamp Passport" guy, even if all aisles lead to the same place.  This will lead to them calling you.  Madame... MADAME!!  Guess how I know this.

Tip #6:  When they announce that they have overbooked your flight to Marseille by 22 people,  push yourself to as close to the front of the line to board as possible, and hold your ground.  Be a linebacker.  It may not make you popular, but it will assure you will have your seat on the plane! Notice my smiling face as she scans my boarding pass.
And finally, the reward!  When you finally arrive safe and sound in Marseille, you will not have to go through another customs line!  You can just walk out the door.  Yay!

Good friend and fellow artist Julie Snyder was there to pick us up ("us" being artist Belinda de Pesco, my travel companion and I) and treated us to amazing goat cheese salad with a nice glass of white
Bleary eyed and happy, our adventure now begins.  We are here to assist Julie in putting on her artist retreat, "Workshops in France", and I look forward to sharing it with you.  Stay tuned!
Bonne Nuit,

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  1. 3 weeks in lucky person!!! Have a fantastic time, you deserve it!!