Friday, June 17, 2016

Getting the Lay of the Land in Provence

"So, Linda," you ask, "just what are you doing in France, anyway?"  Good question!  As my jetlag lifts, and I slowly start adjusting to the nine hour time difference, I can answer this.  I am here to assist Julie Snyder in conducting her fabulous "Workshops In France" art retreat, along with wonderful artist and new found friend Belinda del Pesco.   Together Belinda and I will assist Julie in taking care of her guests on this ten day retreat, which begins Sunday.  Here are some ramblings regarding our last two days.  First of all, we are driving SUV's in a country that is made for teeny, tiny cars.  Here is an example of most of the back roads here.  One lane for two way traffic.
In addition, their favorite word where driving is concerned is "roundabout".  They are EVERYWHERE.   Luckily we have the aid of our navigational system lady with the polite English accent who I have yet to give a name.  Need to give her a good one.  She seems to like to mess with us and is not always spot on.  Luckily she at least speaks English.

Then there is the shopping.  We spent some time today picking up supplies at the local mega super market Auchan.  Here they seem to like coffee a lot (it fills both sides of this aisle),
and you can buy anything from Violette Liquer
to Espadrilles.
Here's Julie checking out with some goodies for the Chateau!
Next we did some touring, looking for the fields of lavender that are already blooming.  One of my favorites is the one we found outside of the charming village of Roussillon.  Love the sumptuous curves.
Another high point to the day was visiting Gordes.  Here is a spectacular view of this ancient city, which literally brought me to tears.  How lucky I am to be here!
We spent a lot of time driving today and this countryside is packed with vineyards, lavender fields, and apple and cherry trees dripping with fruit.  The lavender hums with honey bees, and the leaves of the grapevines glow a brilliant green in the sun.  It is all so breathtaking.  I wish you see it and smell it for yourself!  In addition, the French language sounds like music and people in Provence greet each other with three kisses.  Cheek, other cheek, and back again.  It's adorable.

We finished the day with dinner in L'isle Sur La Sorgue, where I had a divine Goat Cheese and Spinach Quiche and Salad and a glass of Rose.  Yes, Rose.  It's not the wine that I would usually order, but they seem very popular here and I am in wine country, after all.  I need to try something new every day.  It was delicious.
These past two days have been a whirlwind tour.  I will tell you more about each town as we spend time there over the next ten days or so.  Tomorrow we move into the Chateau!!  How exciting is that?  Can't wait to share it with you.  I'll finish with a pic of the courtyard of the Air Bnb where we have been staying in Chateau-Renard,
and a pic of me hard at work blogging!  Yes, it's always after midnight before I finish, but I enjoy it so.  Tonight is no exception.  Bonne Nuit from Provence!
Love, Linda

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  1. Love the lavender Linda! Thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through you. France is breathtaking. And the wine is tempting ; )