Saturday, June 18, 2016

Transition Day, Grocery Shopping and Those Darling French

Today was transition day for us, moving out of Chateau-Renard and doing final preparations for Workshops in France.  Here I am in my usual pose,  out on the balcony getting in that last Instagram post before I leave wifi!
In celebration of the Lavender Season, I decided that lavender toes were appropriate.
Upon heading out, we picked up our second rental car, which thankfully Belinda del Pesco will be driving (bless that darling woman), and headed back to Auchan, the mega grocery store.  I had such a good time there I wanted to share some things I saw.

BUT FIRST, let me tell you how charming the French people are here.  If you try to speak a word of French to them, they will go out of their way to try and speak English in return, doing their best to help you and lead you around the store to find what you need.  Forget the stereotypes you may have in your head.  They are adorable. 

Now, here are some things you don't see every day at the market in Los Angeles.  How about an entire section devoted to rabbit?
Or an entire eight foot section devoted to each kind of cheese.  This is just the camembert!
Then there are the acres of wine.  Again I am fascinated with the Rose, because where I come from it is downright un-hip to drink it. But here in the south of France, they are known for it, and people who are passing through from neighboring countries make sure to stock up on it when they visit.
How about yogurt in cute little crocks and glass pots?
And let's not forget those darling French fish department guys.
Again we got out of there with a boat load of food, stocking up the fridge for breakfasts and lunches during the retreat.  The dinners will be catered.
We moved into the Chateau, and here's just a tiny glimpse.  I'll talk more about it in future posts.
Dinner was extra special tonight as we entertained our very first guests.  There were none other than Julie's cousin, Gillian Hill and her good friend Liz Downing, visiting Provence from Majorca, Spain.  Julie and Gillian have not seen each other since 1995.  Gillian, Liz, Belinda and Julie all have a love of boats in common, and it was great fun to hear them exchange stories and experiences.  Dinner was  Monkfish wrapped in proscuitto, roasted potatoes and a tomato and cucumber salad.   So good,
and Belinda made us a killer drink called a "Very Berry", which was Blackberry liquer, fresh limes and Blackberries, and Vodka.  So refreshing, and it also happened to pack a whallop.
We finished the evening with a group shot to remember a splendid evening.  Left to right are Gillian, Julie, Your's Truly, Belinda and Liz.
And as I stepped outside to walk back to my room to write the blog, I noticed it's a full moon tonight.  What a beautiful way to say goodnight to you all.  Bonne Nuit and Sweet Dreams.
 Love, Linda

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