Friday, September 17, 2010

Finding our Rhythm

Stairway in the oldest part of our main house, built in the 1800's

Bon Jour from our quaint little Frontenay-Sur-Dive.  It's late Friday night.  Actually it's early Saturday morning, and Friday was a day where I could really see each artist finding their rhythm, gravitating towards the subjects that interested them the most.  Joan and Vera, Kim, Lynn, Karla, Cate and Laura all headed off in different directions, painting and making friends with local residents and local livestock in the town.  In a town of this size, it's hard to remain incognito.  This town is so small that it doesn't even have a gas station or a grocery store.  Rumor has it that even the church only has two services a year, Easter and Christmas.  Interestingly enough though, the church bells still ring on the hour.  Slowly this tiny town is accepting our little group of artists, with several of them inviting artists in for coffee and pastries after they finish their paintings.   

Lizz, Karen, Julie, Lani and I worked on portraits of our own beautiful Iren this afternoon, outside in our courtyard.

Iren models for Karen, Lani, Julie, Lizz and I

Julie begins her painting

Me painting Iren

Once again around 7:00 pm, we gathered around the table to share the stories of the day, and to enjoy yet another tasty meal.  Tonight we had a flavorful stew with thin sliced potatoes and vegetables almost too pretty to eat.  It was topped off with Crepes Suzette, flambeed by Julie.  I ate way too much of that, by the way.  It had a delicate orange flavor and it was delicious!  And naturally, all of that was followed by the cheese course.  

Don't you just want to paint those vegetables before you eat them?

Delicious Stew and Thin Sliced Potatoes

Julie gets ready to flambee the Crepe Suzettes

And what's the last thing that happens in the evening around here?  Computer time!  Time to download the pictures for the day, check our email, blog, communicate with the outside world.  What fun to be able to do it.  Bonne nuit.....

Kim, Lizz & Julie enjoy some midnight computer time, complete with wine and chocolate.

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  1. Linda! You are such a good writer! I feel like I'm there with you all. And great choices of great photos! So happy to be able to so easily join you in spirit. xoxoxo