Monday, September 20, 2010


Mural Detail

Today is Monday, and our entire group loaded into our 3 cars and headed for the medieval town of Richelieu, to take photos and do some shopping.  I really resonated with this mural detail above because I feel like the woman in this drawing.  I have taken a zillion pictures on this trip!  I can't help myself.   Everywhere I look, there is a picture just waiting to be taken.

Butcher Shop

Many of the shops in the town have these really charming wrought irons signs.  I chose this one for the blog because I have been eating A LOT on this trip!  The pig seemed appropriate.

Church organ

Richelieu is a picturesque medieval town with a wall surrounding the city, and, of course, a lovely church.  In this photo you can see the carved figures adorning the top of a large pipe organ.  I've posted more photos of the inside in my France photo album on Facebook.

Iren and Cate go shopping

We were happy to find some charming little shops to pick up a few goodies for our loved ones back home.

Love the chocolate croissants

And speaking of eating a lot, the chocolate croissants are heavenly.  I think the rule in France is to eat one a day.

Lizz tries on hats at the open market

Here's Lizz, above, doing some gift shopping.  Isn't she just the adorable little French girl?  And below, Karen Cope is having one of those "pinch me.. I can't believe I'm in France" moments.

A happy Karen Cope!

After Richelieu, the group split up to pursue their favorite type of painting for the afternoon.  I joined the group that painted a model and her children.  Our own Cate discovered the lovely Leticia running the bakery in a nearby town.

Lizz paints the models... that's my painting in progress in the foreground

Julie paints the models

Our models Leticia and Capucine take a break

After the modeling session, Leticia joined us for dinner along with her husband and children.  We had yet another feast of rabbit stew, fresh beet salad, fresh melon wrapped in prosciutto, and a delicious cherry tart for dessert.  Another glorious day.  Since again I find myself telling you this story at 1 am, it is time for me to say bon nuit.

Rabbit Stew with Rice, Fresh Beet Salad, Cherry Tart for Dessert

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