Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Temporary Curve Ball and then back to Saint-Lup-Sur-Thuet

Emergency group meeting to discuss the train strike and form our "Plan B".

Bon Jour!  Saturday morning started with a group get together to work out a plan for the train strike.  Yes, there is a TGV strike that will occur in Paris for one day on the 23rd.  This just happens to be the day that almost every person in the group is traveling to Paris.  Not to fear!  Our amazing Cate, with her fluent French, went to work for us and managed to rearrange everyone's train tickets for travel on the 22nd.  Cate rocks!!  Then Julie went to work with her French, and found us a hostel for the extra night in Paris.  Ditto for Julie!!  So, with that new element to our adventure taken care of, we were able to carry on with our day by early afternoon.

Julie, didn't anyone ever tell you not to count your Euros at the table?

Looking for hostels in Paris

This afternoon I headed back to Saint-Lup-Sur-Thuet with Lani, Lynn, Laura, and Iren.  Lynn, Iren and I decided to take the tour of the Chateau that was built in the 1500's.  If you are on Facebook, you can see more photos that I posted today of the Chateau, but here are a few below.  While I'm sure the history of the chateau is fascinating, most of the story escaped us because the tour turned out to be in FRENCH!!  We still thoroughly enjoyed the grounds and the interior, and got some greats photos and inspiration.

The Chateau at St. Lup Sur-Thuet

From the garden at the Chateau.

Fireplace detail at the Chateau

That mischevious Iren hoping to see what's behind the "Private" door at the Chateau.

After meeting up with Lani and Laura, who were painting in town, we headed back.  We needed gas, and thoroughly flustered a poor elderly Frenchman we stopped for directions to the local gas station.... he didn't quite know what to do with a car full of 5 american women!  I think we made his day.  Then we stopped at the grocery store, where you could buy everything from sneakers and french underwear to wine in plastic bottles with screw tops that looked like soda bottles.  What fun!  You had to drag me out of the department with the French hand creams and the lavender soaps for 1 Euro.

Red wine in plastic bottles with screw tops for 2 Euros at the market. 

We returned to the house to find Lizz and Karla entertaining one of the towns people while Lizz sketched her with her oil pastels.  Laura and I headed out to take a walk before dinner, and she gave me a walking tour of the town and introduced me to our black and white cow neighbors.

One of our neighbors at home.

Wood sculpture of a woman in the park of a neighboring small town

Karla and Lizz with Lizz's nifty oil pastels

And of course, as usual we all gathered for dinner at the end of the day.  Dinner seems to be later and later because our days are so full.  We chatted about what we had accomplished for the day, over a sumptuous Coq au vin with fresh vegetables, and a raspberry mousse for dessert.  Another stellar day in our tiny berg!
Coq au vin with fresh vegetables
Bon nuit.......


  1. I am loving reading this and seeing the pictures. I can't wait to see what you ladies bring home. I just want to paint some of the pictures you are sending!

  2. Hi mom you're such a good and entertaining writer! PS I'm pretty jealous you got to go to a Chateau.
    Love, Tommy