Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're Warming Up

Tired Happy Me!
It's Thursday morning here in France, and yesterday was all about warming up our painting...... about getting our sea legs!  Everywhere you look here there is something charming to paint, and we stayed close to home and got the lay of the land, as we continued to adjust to our new surroundings and the nine hour time difference.  

My acrylic palette
Karla Bartholomew painting in oil

Lunch included the most amazing tomatoes grown by the farmer across the street, and a fig salad that was too beautiful not to photograph.  And how about that Karen Cope, helping out in the kitchen!

Karen cracking walnuts for lunch

The afternoon consisted of more painting, 

Lizz Tucker painting

followed by another delicious dinner that included "Goulash Hongrois" and "Profiteroles aux chocolate" which was comprised of small creme puffs covered in chocolate sauce... yum yum!

Today we are venturing out to a medieval town, which should provide some great photo and painting opportunities which I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow!  Au revoir pour l'instant....

Awesome Julie Snyder with her equally awesome sister, Fiona!


  1. So great to be able to "join" you on your trip! Loving glad to see you having such a wonderful time already. xoxo

  2. Excellent photos - people are painting already! Yayy. That fig salad looks incredible, and I love that there is bread and cheese at every meal. Looking forward to each post - and hopeful that all of you are on fire with inspiration and ideas.

  3. Hi Mommy it's Tommy! You look like you're having an absolutely wonderful time. I mean... profiteroles aux chocolat! Je suis très jaloux mais aussi je suis si fière de toi. Enjoy yourself completely, you deserve it. I love this blog and I read it to all my friends at college everyday. Everyone is so impressed by you! Love you tons xoxo