Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Reminder List

This morning we bid farewell to our dear Fiona, who headed back early in the day to Scotland.  Then Julie, Lizz, Karla and I piled into the car to meet the others at Saint-Loup-Sur-Thouet.  The first thing we noticed on our journey was that the hunters were out this morning in full force.  We believe hunting season may have just started.  It was great to see them out there with their rifles and their dogs, although we thought maybe we should be wearing an orange vest, or perhaps wrap an orange vest around our car!  Distracted by the hunters and the many fields of dried sunflowers, we soon discovered we were lost.  Not to fear!  Julie took out the trusty map.  Realizing that the trusty map was not enough, we then decided it was time to ask for directions, as we women know we sometimes must do, and a local farmer set us back on track.

Ok....  where in the #$%@ are we?

We women know when it's time to ask for directions!

The town of Saint-Loup-Sur-Thouet proved to be a painter's delight, with it's narrow streets, picturesque buildings, stream and chateau.  Several of us spent quite some time sitting at an outdoor cafe, eating lunch (mine was a delicious sandwich of jambon and fromage with butter, Iren's was frog legs), drinking kir, then eating chocolate mousse and creme brulee.  Divine!  Many others in the group also stopped to eat, ordering items like salad with smoked duck.  The cafe owner was a wonderful woman who spoke NO english, yet Iren and Karen seemed to have no problem communicating with her and getting her to pose for a portrait and a sculpture.  No language barrier there.  She kissed the girls on both cheeks when they left.

Beautiful Flowers

Wine and Colored Pencils

Karen Cope sculpting the Cafe owner, Silvie

Kate Hunter Kashem painting

Lynn Gertenbach & Lani Emanuel (behind the easel!) painting

As the day drew to a close, one by one our three cars returned to the main house for dinner, and the works in progress were leaned against walls to dry.

The paintings are beginning to take shape
Then it was time for one of our favorite subjects..... yes, you guessed it.  Dinner!  Tonite it was a feast of poached salmon with au gratin potatoes, fresh green beans, and pears in red wine for dessert, followed of course by the cheese!

Poached Salmon with Au Gratin Potatoes and Fresh Green Beans

Pears in Red Wine
Truly this is the life.  As the stories of the amazing women in our midst unfold, we realize just how blessed we are to be here.  Stayed tuned for tomorrow's adventure.  Bonne nuit.


  1. Incredible! The scenery, the art & the food. What a combination! Please let us know if any of the others are posting photos and updates too, in case we want to gorge on the visuals.... what a splendid adventure you're all on. Thank goodness for blogging and the internet for those of us living vicariously through all of you. :)

  2. Hi Linda, enjoyed your posting of your visit to St. Loup....We live 15 minutes down the road from there and visit often, as it is such a lovely place. The last weekend in June they hold an Art weekend where many people sit in the streets and paint in a competition that they hold there annually. We run painting holidays from May to October....check us out if ever you want to visit again...Art and food are our priorites.....B

  3. oooops silly me that should have read without the s on holidays.....must be the season....B