Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our French Adventure Begins

Bon Jour! It's Wednesday morning in Frontenay-Sur-Dive in central France.  I know for sure I am in France, because my Google is now in French.  I love that.  Thirteen women artists including myself have converged on this tiny town to experience the countryside, the food, the culture, and most importantly, to create art.  Our group includes our fearless leader Julie Snyder, along with Elizabeth B. Tucker (Lizz), Laura Wambsgans, Lani Emanuel, Karla Bartholomew, Lynn Gertenbach, Iren Tsaturyan, Karen Cope, and yours truly (Linda Queally), all from the Los Angeles area, and Vera Champlin, Joan Brancale, Cate Hunter Kashem, and Kim Kettler, all from the Boston area.

Iren Tsaturyan at the train station in Paris
I arrived yesterday with 4 of my fellow Angelinos on a non-stop, 11 hour flight to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, followed by a two hour luxurious TGV train ride south to picturesque Poitiers. Bleary eyed from lack of sleep, shlepping 50 pound bags filled with art supplies (and a few changes of clothes) we were enthusiastically met by Julie and her delightful sister Fiona (yes, there are now two women here with scottish accents).  Then, along with 6 others from the group who arrived at the Poitiers station, we boarded our rental vans for Frontenay-Sur-Dive, where we would meet up with the final 2 artists to form our group of 12 painters and 1 sculptor.

Kim Kettler at the train station in Poitiers
Who says women can't pack a car!
Oh...the luggage!

Our home away from home is a charming, spacious home belonging to Fiona's family and it is here that we gathered around the table to enjoy a well earned glass of wine, our first delicious catered meal, and the chance to relax and get acquainted.  Dinner consisted of "Delice de poisson bonne femme", with seasonal vegetables of carrots and peas, potatoes, and a yummy "Tarte aux pommes" for dessert.  All that was followed by the cheese course.... we are in France after all, and must have cheese!
"Tarte aux Pommes"
"Delice de poisson bonne femme", with potatoes and seasonal vegetables
The cheese course

Well fed and tired, we settled in to the two homes that we will call our home for the next 10 days, to rest and recharge our energy and get ready to create art.  And that story is yet to unfold.......

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