Saturday, December 15, 2012

Taking The Baja Ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan

Thursday morning we packed up our things and left San Jose del Cabo for the short drive back to La Paz, and our trip on the ferry.  Again it was a beautiful coastal drive, dotted with small emerging communities.
I loved the name of one of the bays we passed.  It especially made me think of my daughter, who is a busy college student who is always burning the midnight oil, and in constant need of a nap.
We stopped in one of the small antique towns along the road to get a bite to eat, and I was taken with their beautiful old wood burning stove.
The food was delicious, especially the fresh local cheese.
There was also a pretty, historic church across the street. 
When we entered La Paz, we were once again surprised to be greeted by a big city, with stores we see back home like Office Depot and Burger King.  We crossed town and headed for Puerto de Pichilingue, which is about 20 minutes outside of La Paz, and the port where you catch the ferry. 

We had a wonderful experience with Baja Ferries.  We made our reservations on line in advance, and got the proper documentation for the car when we crossed the border in Tijuana, so it made for a smooth process at the port.  We arrived about 3 hours early, because we knew the loading process for the cars and trucks takes time.  Eduardo and I had to separate to board the ship.  He waited in line to board with the car,  while I was sent to a different area for passenger boarding.  Here's a picture of the ramp inside the ship for loading the cars and trucks. 
I found it pretty amazing.  There were huge trucks on board!  They squeeze them all into several levels of parking, and then you can't access your car until it's time to drive it off.  Our ship left around 6 PM for the 15 hour trip to Mazatlan.  Here's some pics I took pulling out of the port.
 There was another gorgeous twilight sky as we left the bay and headed out to sea. 
And we spotted dolphins. 
The ship was very clean and comfortable, and a cafeteria style dinner was included in the price of the ticket.  The food was good!  There were multiple choices for sleeping on the ship.  Some just slept in their seat, some rolled out a sleeping bag on deck, and some booked a cabin.  We opted for a cabin and were so happy that we did.  The cabin had two comfortable single beds, and it's own bathroom with a shower.  There was also an electrical outlet in the room, but you need an adapter since the ships were made in Europe.  We slept like babies!

The next morning we landed in Mazatlan around 9 AM,
Once we docked, we again separated so that Eduardo could get the car.  The unloading process was much quicker than loading.
We were soon on our way to explore Mazatlan.  Thank you Baja Ferries for a great crossing to mainland Mexico!

xo Linda

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