Monday, December 31, 2012

The Beaches of Guayabitos, San Pancho and Sayulita, in Nayurit

Thursday night, we drove as far as La Penita, and spent the night there.  We did some laundry in the morning, and then started heading south.  Since I was beginning to feel a bit of Montezuma's revenge, we made quick visits to the next few neighboring beaches.
Guaybitos was the first stop, and is a very popular and family oriented beach town.  We hopped out of the car to make a quick visit to the beach.  Someone was selling shrimp on skewers from a little cart.
And I liked the way a palm tree was growing through the foundation of this building. 
Driving through town, of course there was a lovely and unique church.
We got back on the main road and continued on to San Francisco, which is known as San Pancho, and that is the beach town where we spent the next two nights. 

As is true with most beaches that we visited in Nayarit, the people that live in San Pancho (many from the United States and Europe), consider it one of the best kept secrets in Mexico.  The town is charming, dotted with restuarants and galleries, and the beach is clean and beautiful.
It's not uncommon to see horseback riding on the beach.
And I enjoyed the Christmas decorations on our evening walk.
Still stricken with Montezuma's revenge, the price I had to pay for adjusting to the food in Mexico, I ended up spending the better part of Saturday in our hotel room, which was a charming building with 4 bungalows! 
Sunday I was feeling much better, and we took a drive around San Pancho to take a look at the local architecture.  Here's a bus from California, complete with solar panels on the roof, that was parked right next to the beach.
At the opposite housing extreme was this huge home, just a block away, on the beach.
We got back on the road and headed for the next very popular beach town in this area, called Sayulita.
Sayulita is especially popular with young adults, and has good waves for surfing.
I am a mermaid lover, and this carved wood mermaid bench was one of the most unique pieces of mermaid art I have seen so far.
Still recovering and dragging a bit, we continued south and decided to make our next stop Puerto Vallarta,  and we spent the next 3 days and 2 nights there.

xo Linda


  1. What wonderful images. Feel better....and Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks so much, Katherine. I'm feeling so much better! Like I said, I had to pay the price for a new way of eating. So happy you like the pictures and enjoy following along. Happy New Year!