Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visiting Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas Tuesday evening just after dark, and were welcomed by a big city!  After traveling through a lot of small towns so far on this trip, this was a bit of a surprise.  We were greeted by a large mall complete with movie theaters, and this festive sign stretched across the road.
I vetoed a hotel that Eduardo noticed when we entered the town, because I saw a sign that pointed toward an avenue of hotels leading to the downtown area.  What I didn't take into account was the confusion associated with entering a city you don't know at night, and it resulted in a wrong turn, lots of enormous speed bumps, one way streets, and a brief encounter with a sand pile that left me with the job of hitting the gas while Eduardo pushed us out of it! We then asked multiple people for directions, and finally ended up right where we started from, driving past the hotel I vetoed!  At that point we were so happy, spent the night there, and ironically the hotel turned out to be great.  Thank you universe, for the second chance!  I learned my lesson.

The next morning, Wednesday, we set out for the downtown area of Cabo.  Here was where we found the Cabo San Lucas I was hoping for, dotted with antique style houses, restaurants, and shops selling everything from high-end jewelry, to pre-hispanic style masks and colorful Mexican crafts and textiles.

I loved seeing the guys selling the tropical fruits.  We have now crossed the Tropic of Cancer, and these pineapples really remind me that I've entered the tropics.
Because our crossing to the mainland was booked for the next day, we only had that one afternoon to enjoy Cabo.  So we had a bite to eat, took in some of the jewelry shops, and then decided to view the area by boat, since the most powerful thing in Cabo is the giant rocks that mark the southern-most point in Baja.  This was also very symbolic to us, because we accomplished our goal of visiting Baja from the tip of the north to the tip of the south.  Here we are on the boat getting ready for our  water tour.
A cruise ship, the Carnival Splendor was docked in the harbor that day, so the first thing we noticed was a very lively beach area.
We then headed out towards the famous arch.  It was a really beautiful experience seeing it in person, and I would highly recommend taking the time to do this.  The best part was seeing the arch and adjoining rocks from the back side, where there were very few people.  Look at the beautiful color of the water!
We saw sea lions resting on the rocks.
And the sea had a lot of movement, because this is the spot where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.
When we arrived back at the marina, we met a man who was visiting from Louisiana, who had just been deep sea fishing with his two boys.  Here's a picture of the reels they used,

and here's the cooler full of Mahi Mahi they caught that they were shipping back home. 
They were so proud of their catch, and told us they had seen dolphins, whales, and sea lions as well during their day aboard the boat!  They were nice enough to snap a picture of us at the marina before we headed out.
We reluctantly left Cabo San Lucas in late afternoon.  Our next stop before completing the circle back to La Paz was San Jose del Cabo, and we were looking forward to that visit because it is know for being an area of fine art galleries.  There were a lot of beautiful homes, hotels and condos along this ocean view drive of about an hour or so.
That evening in San Jose del Cabo, we took some time to explore the shopping area, and found an even more thriving art town than Todos Santos, complete with many fine art galleries, and an art walk once a week.
They also had some nice Christmas touches that reminded me of home.
We thoroughly enjoyed our whirlwind tour that day of both towns, and spent Wednesday night in San Jose del Cabo, getting ready to make our way back to La Paz on Thursday for our big crossing to the mainland.

A big thanks to all of you for following my blog and sending me your hellos, by the way!  I wish you all well during this holiday season.  It feels a little strange to be so far removed from my traditional Christmas preparations, and from friends and family (particularly my kids), so it's really wonderful to stay connected to all of you.

Buenas noches and sweet dreams,
Love, Linda

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