Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Busy Monday in Taxco

We woke up Monday morning to the sounds of roosters crowing and church bells ringing.  A new work week begins in Taxco.  As we began our walk into town, the day was gray, but the views still spectacular.
After stopping for our fresh juice, we stopped at our favorite Panaderia for some fresh Mexican bread (pan in Spanish) and coffee.
I noticed this silver jewelry store that was designed like a cave.  Very creative!  I have only seen one other of a similar style so far in my travels, which was along the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta.
This Aztec mask caught my eye in one of the neighboring stores.  This is an image that you see frequently in shops in Mexico, covered with inlay in different types of stone or shell.  I had remembered seeing these masks in fine jewelry stores in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, and learned they are made here in Taxco.  They come in every size, from large,
to small.
They do beautiful inlay work here using shell in many different styles.
I have a mantra that I recite daily as we walk the streets, namely "Always look down when walking in Mexico".  Here's an example of why.  Ay Dios Mio!
Because of the very narrow streets in most areas,
 you frequently see motorcyles here.  This jewelry shop owner parks his motorcycle inside the store.
And I spotted this one parked along a beautifully textured wall.
Here's a close-up of that texture.  It's actually small stones set into the stucco.
I spent most of the day meeting various jewelry craftsmen that Eduardo has known and worked with over the years, who specialize in different areas of the jewelry making process.  I learned how my own design can go from drawing to finished piece, and who to work with based on my own personal style.  A great education and a very productive day, and the time flew by again!

We finished the day visiting another friend who does beautiful high quality work in leather, making wallets, bracelets and cuffs, with unique silver detailing.  He works with many types of leather, including sting ray, as well as a variety of beautiful colors, and sells his work every Sunday in the major market in Mexico City, as well as in stores in Mexico and in Europe. 

The day ended at about 11 PM, with a ride through the beautiful center of town, giving me another glimpse of Santa Prisca.
Then it was off to dreamland, in anticipation of Tuesday, which will be our last day in Taxco.

xo Linda

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