Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Sunday in Taxco

This morning we ventured out of our hotel in the late morning, and our first stop was the local juice stand for some fresh squeezed orange juice, which was a huge cup of juice for 10 pesos (under a dollar).  Delicious!  Here I am with the juice guys.
We stopped and had an omelet with refried beans and fresh tortillas for breakfast,
and then headed into town to see what was happening on Sunday.  As usual, there were many street vendors.  This woman was walking the streets selling hand carved wooden masks.
There was pre-hispanice style carving, which is also a very prominent style of art that Taxco is know for.
We discovered a store that sells supplies to craftmen that work with wire.
But all in all, Taxco was more quiet today.  After the frantic pace of the Tianguis yesterday, where hundreds of vendors were out selling, I could tell people were taking it easy today. 

We decided to take a little side trip to the town of Tecapulco, which is about a 25 minute ride down a curvy road.  We rode in one of the local vans, which holds about 15 people and costs 6 pesos per person each way.  A great alternative to driving! 

Tecapulco is a small town full of crafts people who produce work using silver or alpaca (also called Germany silver, which resembles silver but is less expensive), along with abalone shells.  They produce the work in their homes, and then deliver to Taxco or send by special order to their customers.  Since today was Sunday, we did not see many people out working, but we did get the chance to meet one family that produces perfect, tiny bells.

The town is mostly antique style, and the stone on the old walls reminded me of the time I spent in rural France.
There were charming old iron gates.
One of the locals quietly observed while I took photos.
Peeking into the local internet cafe, I spotted some beautiful chairs, and we were told they were hand crafted in the town.
Of course there was the local church.  I kind of wondered what happened to the top of this bell tower!
We stopped to visit some long time friends of Eduardo's, and then climbed into our van for the ride back to Taxco. 

Wandering the town at night, discovering new walkways, I saw this beautiful hardware on one of the old doors.
Here's yet another inside view of my favorite church, Santa Prisca, at night.
And the streets were just as charming at night as they are during the day, especially on a quiet Sunday night.

Tomorrow is Monday in Taxco, and the bustling jewelry and craft business will move into full swing again!

Buenas Noches,
xo Linda

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